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              Counseling Center


              Welcome to the Counseling Center where our counselors and staff are working hard to help students prepare for graduation and life after high school. Below are resources that will assist you and your student in planning for graduation from Highland High School and BEYOND!


              Registration for 2019-2020

              Registration for Incoming 9th Graders from Feeder Middle Schools will take place on January 28th and 30th at Clayton, Hillside, and Bryant, and January 29th and 31st at Glendale and Nibley Park. Highland counselors will visit the middle schools on the first day to give out Course Selection Sheets, Catalogs, and relevant information to 8th graders so they can make wise choices regarding what they need for their freshman year. The second day, counselors will pick up Course Selection Sheets from every student pointed to go to Highland for the 2019-2020 school year. (If your student is not planning to attend Highland, but you live in Highland boundaries, your student must complete a Course Selection for Highland unless you have been approved through the 'open window'. If you have applied, but you haven't yet been approved, your student will still need to complete a sheet for Highland. They can also complete a sheet for the school they are planning to attend, but they MUST complete a sheet for their boundary school. This works in reverse for students wanting come to Highland from outside our boundaries.)

              Incoming 9th graders from outside of SLSD feeder schools can select courses on February 27th and 28th during Parent Teacher Conferences. This means you would have already applied and been accepted to Highland HS if you life outside of Highland boundaries. You may not select courses unless you have been accepted to Highland through the Open Enrollment window. (IB Students who have been accepted into Highland's IB Program do not need to apply through the open window, but attendance at one of the IB Enrollment Nights is required for registration. Your letter of acceptance will have those dates.)

              Registration for HHS's next year's Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors will take place from February 4th to February 14th during your student's Science class. You can access a copy of the Course Registration Sheet for your grade level by clicking the appropriate link below. It is necessary to fill out and complete the appropriately colored sheet during registration and turn in that copy, and not the copy you find here. These are samples only. We are providing these so you can review what courses are available for your grade level. Please refer to the Highland High School Course Catalog for descriptions of courses and credit allocated. The Course Catalog can be found on the Home Page of this website.

              10th Grade Course Selection Sheet

              11th Grade Course Selection Sheet

              12th Grade Course Selection Sheet


              Every few years the guidance department has a "Comprehensive Guidance" review. As a part of this review, they are required to get data from our students. The survey is a needs assessment and will help us determine how we can best serve our Highland students. STUDENT NEEDS ASSESSMENT SURVEY LINK The code is P89DP5 if needed.



              Click on image/button to view our latest newsletter :

              9th GRADE | FRESHMAN
              -or- NEW STUDENT'S NEWSLETTER
              10th GRADE
              11th GRADE
              12th GRADE





              • Graduation Requirements (fill-in sheet)
              • HONORS DIPLOMA REQUIREMENTS for class of 2019:
                • 5 Honors, Concurrent or AP courses taken and passed in 4 years at HHS, 2 of which need to be AP.
                • Must have taken and passed 2 consecutive years of a World Language.
                • Must have taken and passed 2.0 credits of Fin Art.
                • Must have a cummulative GPA of 3.6 or higher.
              • HONORS DIPLOMA REQUIREMENTS for class of 2020 and beyond:
                • 16 Honors courses taken and passed in 4 years at Highland HS, 3 of which need to be AP or IB.
                • Must have a cummulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.
                • Must have taken and passed 2 consecutive years of a World Language. (Level III or higher World Language classes count as Honors.)




              • Online options at https://www.schools.utah.gov/edonline. Choosing to do online courses can reduce the number of classes and credits you can take at Highland HS.



              ACT Testing Dates Highland does NOT administer the July test.

              SAT Testing Dates Highland does not administer any SAT tests.

              AP Testing Dates


              ACT PREP

              ACT Practice Test Websites

              Haloti Ngata Foundation ACT Class at Highland

                • Next Class - TBA
                • Mondays for 6 sessions
                • CLASSES FILL UP FAST!
                • Pay $5.00 to the treasurer to sign up OR go to www.myschoolfees.com. Paying the $5 gets you into the class.
                • Contact Karrie Jarratt at karrie.jarratt@slcschools.org for more information on when the next class begins.

              SCHOOL PROFILE

              HIGHLAND HIGH SCHOOL PROFILE - 2019 - 2020


              WAYS TO GET INVOLVED








              CAREER PLANNING


              IB INFORMATION for 2019-2020 Enrollment

              IB Information Nights for all 8th graders interested in the Highland IB program will be held on January 16th.

              IB Infomation Night on Wednesday, January 16th will be held at Highland High School in the Library at 6:00 pm. All interested 8th graders should attend with their parents to learn about Highland's IB Program. The program run at Highland is significantly different than the IB Program at West, so we would encourage you to attend Information Nights at both schools so you can learn about the difference between the programs. We will also have information about enrollment at Highland if you live outside of our boundaries.

              IB Enrollment Nights for 8th graders who have applied and been accepted into Highland's IB program will be held January 23rd and February 13th. (This means if you would like to enroll on the 23rd of January, you should attend the November 8th Information Night so you will have time to complete the application, collect the required paperwork, turn it in for review, and get accepted into IB. If you wait until the January 16th Information meeting to make your decision, you might not have time to get all of that done before the 23rd, and would need to wait until the February 13th Enrollment Night.)

              The Highland IB Handbook contains important information about what classes Highland offers in its 'one track' to diploma program. Click here HHS IB Handbook to download.

              The application for IB is available here- IB Application.

              If you would like additional information about the IB Program and how to apply, please contact kyle.bracken@slcschools.org or marylane.grisley@slcschools.org.



              SAFE UT HOTLINE (CRISISLINE)... 1-800-273-8255

              SAFE UT app is also available for free from any app store. Students can use this app to report bullying, harassment, suicidal thoughts or ideation, or any troublesome behavior. Reporting here is anonymous.


              Many scholarships, both academic and vocational, are available to students who qualify. While donors of these grants are interested in students who have achieved scholastic excellence, they also look closely at those who exhibit good citizenship, qualities of leadership, and development of individual talents. Students interested in scholarships should contact their counselor or the Scholarship Coordinator in E106. Students may also write to the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office of any particular college. Senior students should be aware of early application deadlines. There are many scholarships for non-seniors. Please check the list below for scholarships expiring soon.

              SCHOLARSHIP BULLETINS 2018 - 2019




              Utah Scholars Recognition Application for Seniors

              Seniors: to earn the Utah Scholars Recognition certificate and medallion, you will need to apply through the Step Up To Higher Education website. https://stepuputah.com/utah-scholars-recognition-application/

              Complete the grade-by- grade checklists and have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. The application opens November 1 and closes March 1.

              The Utah Scholars Recognition Application

              Throughout the school year we have been messaging seniors about the changes via email, newsletter, social media and text messaging and encouraging them to apply. If you are able we would love your help in promoting this application. Below are some suggested ways on how to promote the Utah Scholars Recognition.

              Please keep in mind that while Utah Scholars Recognition is important, it is not a scholarship and does not carry a monetary award.