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              Boy's Soccer

              Tryouts will take place February 25th and 26th please bring indoor soccer shoes, cleats and running shoes. We will be running on asphalt so you will need running shoes.

              In order to try out you will need to have no more than 1 F and at least a 2.0 GPA on the 2nd term.
              You need to complete a registermyathlete.com registration by February 20th.
              You need to have a physical done, one will be at Highland High on February 21st.
              In order to get the physical please set up an appointment and pay $25.00 on the school website by February 20th.

              Thank you and good luck.


              Date Opponent Bus leaves at:


              March 13th at Syracuse High School 1:45 pm
              March 15th at Hunter High School 2:10 pm J.V. Game first.
              March 19th at West Jordan High School 2:10 pm
              March 21st Home vs. Granger High School
              April 2nd Home vs. Kearns High School

              April 5th Home vs. Olympus High School
              April 9th Home vs. East High School
              April 12th at Skyline High School 2:20 pm
              April 16th Home vs. West High School
              April 19th Home vs. Murray High School
              April 23rd at Olympus High School 2:20 pm
              April 26th at West High School 2:10 pm
              April 30th Home Skyline High School
              May 3rd at East High School 4:45 pm
              May 7th at Murray High School 2:10 pm

              Unless noted otherwise, all Varsity games start at 3:30 pm followed by JV games 15 minutes after the end of Varsity game.