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              Track and Field

              The goal of our track and field program is to give each athlete the opportunity to reach his or her goals in a competitive setting that encourages excellence and commitment. Our staff of experienced coaches is dedicated to teaching the skills and conditioning that will help athletes achieve success.

              Track and field is a team sport where each individual gives their best effort to achieve the overall team goals. Our team goal is always to be the best team in our region. We will only achieve that as each athlete is dedicated to coming to practice, working hard and preparing themselves mentally and physically for all competitions.

              Highland Track and Field Schedule


              Friday, March 8                      Intrasquad Meet (All)

              Wednesday, March 13          Skyline, Olympus @ Highland (All)

              Saturday, March 16               Early Bird Invitational @ Mountain View (Varsity)

              Wednesday, March 20          Highland, East @ Olympus (All)

              March 25 – 31                        Spring Break

              Wednesday, April 10             Skyline, Murray @ Highland (All)

              Friday, April 12                      Riverton Invitational (Varsity)

              Wednesday, April 17             All City Meet @ Highland (All)

              Saturday, April 20                 Davis Invitational @ Kaysville (Varsity)*


              Wednesday, April 24             Highland @ West (All)

              Saturday, April 27                Tiger Trials @ Orem HS (Varsity)

              Friday/Saturday, May 3/4   BYU Invitational (Varsity)


              Wednesday/Thursday, May 8/9     Region 6 Championships @ Olympus (Varsity)

              Thursday/Saturday, May 16/18     State Track Meet @ BYU (Varsity Qualifiers)

              *Highland Spring Prom