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              Highland Hall of Fame



              Russell Alan Toronto, MD

              Class of 1970

              Highland Varsity Baseball

              Russ Toronto was a pioneer in Sports Medicine in the Intermountain West. He played varsity baseball at Highland High, where he was a left-handed pitcher. He also pitched for the University of Utah on scholarship, and played semi-pro ball until he entered Medical School at the U. He married Paula Hansen, a former Highland Cheerleader and they raised five children.

              Dr. Toronto practiced Emergency Medicine, and eventually combined his passion for sports with his passion for helping people. He invented the widely used Rocket Sock, which prevented injury and facilitated healing. During his sports medicine career Russ treated thousands of patients a year, from ballet dancers to football players. He was also team doctor for several area high schools and the U of U football team. He enjoyed coaching many youth sports teams as well.

              “He was healer, not just a doctor,” says a colleague. A long-time patient put it this way: “He acted like you were his only patient and made you feel like you were his long-lost friend.”

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