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              Community Education

              Neighborhood Community Centers since 1972!

              Salt Lake Community Education, as a dynamic component of Salt Lake City School District, will provide quality programs and services for personal and occupational growth for people of all ages. We will respond to the ongoing needs of a diverse society.

              2018/2019 Community Education Classes

              Spring Community Education | Highland High School | Salt Lake City School District\

              Are you interested in real estate? How about learning to play the piano? Maybe you would like to improve your cooking skills. You will find fun and interesting classes for everyone with Salt Lake Community Education.

              Registration Opens:
              Spring Registration Opens Monday, March 4, 2019

              Classes Begin:

              Spring Classes Begin the week of March 18th

              Spring Break-No classes March 25th-29th

              See a list of available classes here, or click on the catalog image on the right.

              Register and Pay Online at http://aal.slcschools.org/commed.

              Ed 2 Go | Highland High School | Salt Lake City School District

              Highland Community Education offers online classes with our new partners Ed2Go. Classes such as Travel Writing, Understanding the Cloud, Learn to Buy and Sell on Ebay and many more are now available! For a complete list of classes and to register for online classes specifically, please visit our online class website at http://www.ed2go.com/highlandce

              Register and Pay Online at http://aal.slcschools.org/commed.