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              meals and nutrition

              Click Here to start the Free and Reduced Meal Application.
              Remember, you must re-apply each school year!



              Meal Prices

              Elementary School Middle School
              Breakfast: $1.00
              Lunch: $2.00
              Breakfast: $1.20
              Lunch: $2.30
              High School Adult*
              Breakfast: $1.20
              Lunch: $2.50
              Breakfast: $2.40
              Lunch: $3.25
              All Schools
              Extra Milk: $0.50
              Additional Lunch: $3.25

              Common Concerns

              What do the new USDA regulations mean for my child's school lunch?
              Answer: The USDA has recently issued new school meal requirements effective 2012-2013. The links on the right side provide information regarding how these new changes will affect your child's school lunch and breakfast.

              Are pork products included in my child's meal?
              Answer: Most meat options at SLCSD are beef, turkey and chicken based. Pork is only served in the following options:

              High Schools

              Middle Schools

              Elementary Schools

              5 Buck Hawaiian Pizza

              5 Buck Hawaiian Pizza

              Elementary Menu is pork free.

              For further questions or concerns regarding other menu items, please contact Child Nutrition Services at 801.974.8380

              My child has a peanut allergy; can they still purchase school lunch?
              Answer: Our district understands that food allergies can be life-threatening. In consideration of peanut allergies, we have opted to provide a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich. However, we cannot guarantee that our foods are processed in a peanut-free or nut free environment. For example, our whole grain chocolate chip cookie and granola are not processed in a peanut/nut free environment. These items could contain traces of peanuts/nuts. Parents and guardians should contact the food-service managers to discuss special dietary needs and restrictions.

              Common Concerns - Resource: Salt Lake City School District Website http://www.slcschools.org/departments/child-nutrition/CommonConcerns.php


              Win Headphones and an iTunes giftcard!


              October 10 - 14, 2016 is National School Lunch Week. Let's Celebrate by taking and posting "School Lunch Selfies". During the week of October 10th - 14th please email a selfie while enjoying school lunch to jerie.ortez@slcschools.org for a chance to win some HEADPHONES and an iTUNES GIFT CARD! Select selfies will also be posted on our district and school Facebook page. All selfies must be school appropriate. Use: #schoollunchselfies to spread the word.

              NO MORE PAYPAMS!


              As of March 29, 2013, after 4:00 p.m., school meal payments for students attending Columbus, East High, Highland High, Horizonte, Innovations High, Salt Lake Center for Science Education, Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts, and West High schools will no longer be accepted by paypams.com. After April 1, 2013, each student's meal account balance will have been transferred to the new operating system and parents must register for a new online account to continue automatic payments or receive account notification by email. All future payments for these students will be accepted through our new online payment system at www.MyPaymentsPlus.com. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE DETAILS (pdf document)