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              Clubs and Activities

              Getting involved is easy, take advantage of the great clubs here at Highland High!
              Scroll down to view SCHOOL CLUBS & STUDENT CLUBS

              2018 - 2019 Clubs

              SCHOOL CLUBS

              Dance Company

              Eric Patrick


              Kimberly Hunter

              Drama Club

              Alexie Baugh

              Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

              Monique Nielsen

              French Club

              Rebecca Bennion

              Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

              Lorna Parkinson

              German Club

              Maja Onda

              Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA)

              Robert Campos

              Highlander (Yearbook)

              Lorna Parkinson

              In Black and White (Literary Magazine)

              Kevin Smith

              Instrumental Music

              Curtis Black


              Brandon Winn

              Latin Club

              Rebecca Bennion

              Math, Engineering, Science and Achievement(MESA)

              Bonnie Bourgeous

              National Honor Society(Ram Forum Chapter)

              Whitney Fauver

              Peer Court

              Monique Nielsen

              Pep Club

              Carolyn Ebert

              Science-Enviro-Adventure Club (SEAC)

              Monica French

              Skills USA

              Doug Dredge

              Spanish Cultural Exchange

              Carolyn Ebert

              Stage Crew

              John Caldwell

              Student Government

              Wendy Curtis






              Meeting Date Meeting Time Room
              Bhakti Yoga Club Shyamam Diana Caleigh Oliver Wednesday 2:45 PM C208
              Capture the Flag Cannon Grangroth Kerrie Baughman Friday 3:00 PM Pavillion west of the baseball field.
              Conspiracy Theory Club Ethan Blume Jen Jacobsen Wednesday 2:45 PM D220
              Cover to Cover Sophia Isom Creed Archibald Tuesday 2:45 PM D227
              Dice Thrower's Club Hayden Bracken Kyle Bracken Tuesday 2:45 PM D214
              Helping the Homeless Macie Christensen Creed Archibald Monday 8:30 AM D227
              Highland Improv Club Riley Hackford-Peer Katie Houston Friday 2:30 PM B114
              Highland Interact Club Lee Ivy Voisin Jen Jacobsen Thursday 2:45 PM D220
              Highland International Club Paw Si Elaine Toronto Tuesday Both Lunches D106
              Highland Lacrosse Club Zac Tobler CJ Lester Thursday 3:30 PM G006
              Highland Math Club Christian Rich Molly Welch Monday 8:30 AM C206
              Highland Mock Trial Lola Maldonado Kimberly Hunter Wednesday 2:45 PM D210
              IB Club Sofya Akhetova Kyle Bracken Thursday 2:45 PM D214
              Indoor Climbing Club Brynley Anderson/ Mimi Reeder Jen Jacobsen Third Friday of the Month 2:45 PM D220
              Jedi Junkies Rex Graham Jen Jacobsen Fridays 2:45 PM D220
              KPOP Club Yulianna Aguilar/Taya Riddle Jean Vandertoolen Thursday 2:45 PM G107
              Pokemon Club Brooke Davis Kyle Dittmer Tuesday 3:00 PM D200
              Rotary Interact Club Gabriella Ebert Carolyn Ebert A Days Both Lunches


              Science Enviro Adventure Club Andrew Pignanelli Monica French Wednesday 2:30 PM C209
              Smash Club Mathias Daniels Kyle Bracken Wednesday 2:00 PM D214
              Spectrum Club Jensen Harris Kathy Stringham Friday 2:30 PM D212
              SSOL (Synchronized Swimming on Land) Deborah Anson Kyle Bracken See Mr. Bracken for dates 2nd Lunch D214
              Veggie Might Elena Ryan Jen Jacobsen 1st Monday of the Month 2:45 PM D200